The Problem With Church Nurseries

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17 responses to “The Problem With Church Nurseries”

  1. enter site I can see children around 5 or 6 in main church. I do not agree with this. Omg… And those women are aids of Christ.
    The only one dumbing down anything is him. I use to think he had something to say… Now I see nothing but a radical.

  2. follow I used to agree with church nurseries before hearing this. The entire time my kids were in Sunday school every thing about it made me uneasy yet it was such the norm and expected that I ignored all my motherly instincts. 1. My kids would cry and be so upset/I would be saddened and miss them 2. One time a young man around 15 was in there and I felt so uneasy and asked why is he in there with the little kids and they said he was a relative of the Sunday school teacher. I’m sorry but no I do not want to risk a young strange teenage boy I don’t know around my toddler daughter and son. No! 3. When I got back my kids were not being watched instead they were always crying when I came to get them. Parents do not ignore your gut instincts hading your kids to strangers just because it’s church!

  3. I grew up going to nursery, sunday school, childrens church and youth group.. the church I attend does not have a woman preacher… even though most of my teachers growing up were female… so anderson is a liar and an idiot… telling people who does things differently with their children in church that they are wrong…I wouldnt darken this guy door with his narcissistic, controlling attitude

  4. Our old church pulled kids out as old as high school. They didn't join the adults for the service until after they graduated. So they did a 0-2, 3-6, 7-10, and middle/HS student segregated service. Crazy!!

  5. I'm confused after listening to this sermon excerpt – first you said – a lot of churches will leave kids in nursery till age 12.

    Then you said – USUALLY they will pull them out at age at 4

    Then you said – a lot of times kids will be left in there till age 8, 10, 12 or whatever.

    Can you help me to understand this more deeply Pastor Anderson?

    It sounds like 3 messages in 1 to me!

    What is the difference between 'a lot of times' (age 12) and 'usually' (age 4)?

  6. alright mr. Anderson I got you and understand but some people including myself I hated church when I was younger I really hated it it wasn't for me I didn't have your church maybe if I had your church it would have been different but I think a lot of people I talk to a lot of people about the church experience cuz of work at a church a lot of people hate church when they are younger

  7. Amen Pastor! I NEVER let my girls go to the nursery or children's church. I was always asked how I managed to have such well behaved children. Well training starts early and starts with watching and imitating mom and dad at home, on the go and certainly in the service.

  8. I hate nurseries and 'childrens church' in general. The 'community church' yuppie preachers, especially, can't handle a baby crying and disturbing his 'performance,' and wants no kids in there so he can put on his show and tell his dirty jokes to the carnal shlubs who want their ears tickled with a worldly false gospel out of the NIV.

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