2016 Three Puss Puss Handmade Gourd Lamp Nursery Decor Ideas Childrens Room Lighting

We would all agree that a furry friend such as a cat would be delightful to a child. However some of us can be worried and concerned about having that furry cuteness around while the toddler is growing up. Especially if both parents are working. Well here is a pretty solution which would help you reduce the furry dilemma and help the child get familiar with pets and nature.

Larger than most of my designs, The Three Puss Puss is a calabash based handmade gourd lamp. I placed multicolor beadwork making the lampshade even more attractive for the toddlers. The lampshade has three cats on its surface which will create reflections on the wall while displaying one on the front surface. Placed close to the corner of a wall, you will see two reflections one on each wall and the one at the front.

My lampshades are so easy to use. There is a large hole underneath which means that you can place the lampshade onto any source of light. You can use different colors, wattage or LEDs to create a different vibe.


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