GHB Baby Monitor -Camera Video Digital Security, Night Vision, Temperature Monitoring 2.0” Display

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I love this video baby monitor. I am throwing away my old monitor and I haven’t missed it a bit! This offers a nice, clear sound with no interference or static. It has features that are perfect for me, and features that my baby loves to. The monitor is simple, functional and straight-forward. It is reliable and I can see and hear my baby while she is napping and sleeping. Product Description:
• Plugs connect on the side of monitors which can feel inconvenient and pull them on the side when mounting. That’s the only feature that isn’t my favorite and I wished that they plugged in at the bottom or back.
• Baby Unit has a nice long cord so you can mount at the top of the wall or towards the ceiling and the cord will stretch down to a power outlet.
• Parent Unit has a re-chargeable battery inside. I keep it plugged in while it is on during the night but I can carry this around the house with me for 3-4 hours during naptime or before I go to bed and the battery sustains for all that time that I need it.
• Parent unit features a stand so it can stand upright. There is also an opening at the top so that you could hang it.
• Hold in the power button to turn on- it does take several second to connect when you turn on and show you a picture.
• Easy volume adjust buttons on parents unit
• The picture is clear in all lighting. With you screen you kind of need to look straight on or the colors look a bit weird. But the picture really is clear and it also features night vision so you get a good picture when the lights are on or off. This night vision is actually better than the wifi camera that I previously had in my nursery.
• Parent Unit screen displays: temperature of the room that the baby unit is in (love this feature), time, battery level.
• You have a microphone function so you can speak through the parent unit and your baby can hear you through the baby unit.
• Basic menu where you can set everything and set an alarm
• One feature that is definitely my baby girl’s favorite is the music mode. Long press the menu button to turn the music on and it cycles through several songs until you turn it off. The music will play through the parent unit as well and show a music icon on the screen. (you can turn the volume the whole way down if you don’t want the music playing through the parents unit.) Music is soothing and pretty without being too generic. My daughter loves to listen to it when she is falling asleep and when I see on the screen that she is asleep, I can turn the music off from the parent unit – without going into her room and disturbing her.


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