Quick Setup of Lollipop- Smart Baby Monitor ( Android Version ) – baby monitors

Quick Setup of Lollipop- Smart Baby Monitor ( Android Version )

Quick Setup Guide of Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor ( Android Version )

We are Lollipop – Smart Baby Monitor which is a new brand of Smart Baby Monitor.
Lollipop Baby Monitor is a smart and intelligent video-based baby monitor. It is WIFI-based monitor such that you can not only use your phone to see your baby’s live-feed indoor, also in your office or outdoor is available to watch your baby.
The first feature to draw attention is the Lollipop’ name and the soft, rounded contours, and the posable silicone arm allows customer to install it easily. Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor gets iF Design Award 2016.
The second feature is that Lollipop Baby Camera can Detect Truly Crying with low false alarm. It means our detection technology inside can distinguish between CRYING and NOISE, which is totally different from the other products on the market claiming they have crying detection and actually is just a noise decibel detector. After that Lollipop baby camera will send notify and 30s event review video to parents if baby is crying or make noise or crossing the area you define.
If you are interested in Lollipop,
This is our Product Page on Amazon.

And you can know more about Lollipop Baby Cameras here:


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