COOLEST BABY MONITOR ON THE MARKET || LOLLIPOP Welcome to my comprehensive overview of the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor With True Crying Detection! Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor w/ True Crying Detection (Cotton Candy)
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  1. The thing that sold me on this one and not a cheaper wifi monitor is the fact that you can use it as audio only. So instead of having the app up with the video, you're able to to hit the audio button & turn your screen off and still be able to hear baby. You didn't mention that so I'm not sure if you knew about it! I have it in the blue 🙂

  2. Hello there! Looking to get a new monitor and had a few questions.

    Can you live stream two separate rooms/cameras if you have two kids and want to check on them both in real time?

    Can you access this if the kids are in bed and you are outside the house but don’t have WiFi on your phone so through cellular data?


  3. I don't have littles anymore but I do have a 12 yo son with special needs who needs constant monitoring and we are trying to track his sleep. But he's such a light sleeper if i go in and check he wakes up. This would worl great for that and for seeing when he falls asleep and wakes up so I can record times and amounts! Totally going to show this to my husband and our behavior consultant. <3 Thanks for your review!

  4. These comments have SUCH GOOD QUESTIONS!! Some I thought of, some I hadn’t. So wish it just came with it’s own monitor but that’d prob put it out of my price range. I think we use our phones too much to make this optimal. Keep us posted on your take (image quality outweigh cons?, etc)! PS: I can’t believe they don’t offer plain ol’ blends-with-everything WHITE!

  5. Hey Lex, I know we were already talking about this but I still have a few questions! 1. Does it worry you that the monitor is on WiFi at all? (I’ve read a lot of people worry about someone hacking their monitor and read some crazy stories about that) 2. Do you find the coverage comparable to your infant optics? I know that one could pan around and had interchangeable lenses. 3. For baby girl, will you use something other than your regular phone for constant monitoring if you want? (Like an iPad?)

  6. If only I would've heard of this 6 months ago !! haha I got the motorola monitor, with was over 200$ CA the quality is alright, the temperature is far from accurate, and to attach it to the wall you have to use nail or 3M velcro ! 
    but on the bright side it has great audio, literally if i'm upstair and I sneeze, I hear myself haha 

    great review !

  7. Your video is great. I did have a couple questions cause I just don’t understand monitors that run through an app on your phone. If your on your phone watching a video or listening to an audio book (which is what I like to do before I fall asleep) or if your on a phone call will the audio feed still push through if there’s a cry? Maybe you explained that and I just misunderstood if so I’m sorry! Also does the feed break up? That’s the biggest problem that’s irritating with my current is that the connect will break a lot and signal will be lost for a couple seconds and then go back. Thanks in advance !

  8. I love the fact you see access the feed on your phone. On any device! Seriously coolest monitor and compared to others the price is in reason. Thank you. Totally wish I would of known about this before we purchased our vtech monitor.

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